Production Budget

A production budget is made up on all the expensive that a practitioner may face whilst completing their project, this may vary from paying for the use of equipment to playing for transport to the location of the shoot. When comparing this project to my Documentary in production budget, I haven’t had to travel anywhere near the distance that I did for that project when I went to Cornwall. For this narrative project, I have had to hire out lighting equipment from the university and I used the studio a fair bit until I decided to change the location. In a real life situation, having a working space and the correct equipment could cost hundreds for a young photographer who is just starting out, which just backs up the argument as to why it is so hard for young practitioners to have a break through into real life. Unlike my other project, I have used a model for this series, my model called Kudzai Muzangaza; a fellow university of Lincoln student in second year. I want someone of his ethnicity as I wanted my work to be realistic in that sense, interestingly enough my model has a African background similar to the U.S president Obama. My model was really helpful, useful and was really patient whilst I changed the way my photographs looked and other things like the lighting.

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