This is my narrative photography series called “Obama’s Time”. I have been inspirited throughout this project from the early research that I completed online and the likes of Ali Mobasser, who’s time frame piece was made up of ID photographs throughout an individuals life, showing that particular persons story through the pictures but also the words that featured with her work. I saw early on in my research planted the seed for my thought process to begin, made me want to have that style, with the photographs begin powerful but then backed up even more from the words that I say along side the image and in my final analysis. I decided that I wanted my series to feature two photographs, I did consider three for a while but I thought that if I create two photographs with strong messages then a third wouldn’t have been needed and could possibly have weakened my series. After my idea, research and development process of my narrative project, these photographs are the final results, enjoy!

Here are also a number of links that I used to help me come up with and develop my idea throughout my project;


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