Final Idea & Photograph Development

Now that I have completed all of my research into narrative I have decided on a final plan with an idea that I can develop into my own taking my own route with it and presenting it in my own way.

I have decided that I would like to produce a narrative photography piece based on the current American president Obama Barack, who reign in America is coming to an end this year and will be replaced shortly. Over this time Obama made several changes to the American way of living and I think that that is something that I would like to include in my work if I was to go down this route. Barack Obama’s aims when coming into power was to make America a better place for the people to live.

The next thing that I needed to do for my development was to nail down my ideas and which of Obama’s successes I wanted to feature in my final photographs. From the brief I knew that I needed to produce between 1 and 5 final photographs, all at a size of A3 before being mounted onto A2. At this point in time I am aiming at creating 2 images, both including a model to resembled Barack Obama. One really famous photograph that through research I really like is one where the American president is swearing the oath of office back in 2009 when he was elected. This photograph is very famous and marked the beginning of a successful reign for the first African American president. Here is the famous photograph that I am talking about.


The kind of work I want to do is where I am able to talk my audience through my photographs and the reason behind my choices I made throughout my project, I want the audience to understand the photographs I produce and see the points that I am making. The photograph above is one that I really like of Obama and one I want to try and recreate as a photograph for my narrative. I want my words that I put with my final photographs to really shows that I haven’t just focused on just a couple of the things that Obama did the U.S, because I want to go into detail with the words about all the positives not just the ones I have included in the images. For example, during his spell in charge, Barack Obama was behind the assassination of the worldwide terrorist Osama Bin Laden, a man who took thousands of innocent peoples lives. The terrorist was killed in his home in Pakistan after being wanted in countries all over the world for years, however this part of Obamas story I won’t be completing photographs on as it can be a very sensitive subject to audience members. But killing Bin Laden wasn’t Obamas only success as president, same sex marriage has now become legal across all states of the U.S. These reasons and many more that I shall go onto to discuss are the reason why I have chosen to pick this for my narrative.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.55.39

As you can see I have taken inspiration from the photograph of Obama above and here I am completing my practice, testing out all of the different possible angles and adjusting lighting to work. For the photograph, I want it to feature my model, Kudzai who is my model Obama, I always want to feature the other person but only a small part of there body, perhaps a hand or I am considering trying an over a shoulder shot. I want to leave the faces out of my photographs as I think that if they do then it may take away the whole impression that I am getting across to the audience. Barack Obama did so many great things for American and I want my photographs to represent that. I have already organised what I want for my first image and now it just a case of nailing down just one idea. I still have several ideas in my head about what I could possibly do, from the killing of Osama Bin Laden to the same sex marriage law being legalised throughout all states of the U.S.

I have decided that I want my photograph to feature the gay pride flag to symbolise the law on same sex, as this is something that we as none Americans have been questioning for years and has finally been legalised. In my opinion it is the biggest success of Obamas time in charge, as it means that the people of America who are gay no longer feel different or wrong for being the way that they are. I want my photograph to again feature my model Kudzai, but also the gay pride flag and I’m starting to think about putting the American stars in the flag, to represent the freedom that all the states in the U.S now have.

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