This is my final evaluation on how I feel I have performed throughout this project, what I believe I have done well and what I could and need to improve on. Creating this narrative project has been a really enjoyable experience and I have liked the idea of how creative you can get with the work that you do, for example the narrative that I eventually decided upon was inspired by me researching time scale piece of narrative and then mixing that factor in with something that I am genuinely interested in. I think that once I decided upon my idea I wasn’t going to change it as I feel it works well and my progress and development as the project goes on is strong. Compared to the other project that I have completed this year, Documentary, I put my two final images into PhotoShop to do final touches to ensure that they were absolutely perfect. I think that I have balanced my time management for this project very well, with my final idea and knowing how I want my project to look for a while from all the research that I completed at the start of the project.

I realised lots of useful feedback on my work, some negative and some positive but i’ve found that both have helped me improve my work as it’s important to understand other peoples opinions in addition to your own. If I was to do this project again and do things differently I think that I would have wanted perhaps one more photograph, however that isn’t to say that i’m not happy with the two final images that I have got. I believe I have been very organising with this project, regarding the organisation of finding the actor and then getting the props, but also the location and that changes throughout shooting because I didn’t like how the first photographs looked when I shot in the studio. My model, Kudzai was very patient during all the changes I made and a really good model and person to work with, giving his own feedback which helped my idea process throughout completing the photographs for this project.

Overall I am pleased with the work I have produced and think the narrative series of photographs I have created are a strong quality and carry a good message with them that the audience will understand and appreciate the messages that being portrayed from the photographs. From reading through my blog, my research and my words you get an even stronger understanding of where I am coming from and how my ideas developed throughout. I am also pleased with the blog I have created as I think it is professional looking, with a good amount of titles and a strong amount of content and variety throughout.

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